Your Office Coffee Options: Flavia vs Nitro Cold Brew

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With over 90% of people drinking coffee daily, many companies are wise to offer coffee right in the office as a perk. Coffee machines have changed over time from standard drip brewers to single-serving brewers such as Keurig or Flavia.

A mug of Nitro Cold Brew

Perhaps not as well known as Keurig due to its use primarily in industrial settings, Flavia became a “household” name in the office after Mars acquired them back in 2010. Like Keurig, the Flavia machine is a single-cup brewer that creates coffee, tea, and hot chocolate beverages instantly. Instead of tiny pods, the Flavia brews from packets which are inserted into the machine and brew the user’s choice with a push of a button. The cost of the packets is a bit less than the Keurig, with a $0.50 - $0.70 price tag per packet. These small packets of coffee are said to guarantee freshness, but in reality, the quality of the coffee is subpar. Like any coffee, once ground and exposed to air, the coffee begins to lose its freshness and become stale rather quickly. The modern office worker has a taste for fresher, craft coffee, meaning many people will choose to forego the free office coffee and step out for a better cup. While Flavia promises a fast cup and offers variety as far as flavor, the maintenance, waste, and poor quality of the coffee leaves office workers wanting more.

Nitro Cold Brew has quickly grown in popularity throughout the years. The natural sweetness, creamy consistency, and smooth finish make it a popular beverage. While many people go to their favorite cafes, others simply pour themselves a fresh cup right in their office. Pretty cool, right?

CWJ Nitro Cold Brew Kegerator in an office

Commonwealth Joe provides a streamlined no-commitments and no-contracts Office Nitro program that allows companies to have Nitro Cold Brew on tap right in their office. We deliver and set everything up so that all you have to do is pull a tap handle to enjoy a fresh, high quality cup of coffee. The best part is all you pay for is the coffee itself, everything else is on us. Not to mention that Nitro Cold Brew has twice as much caffeine as a cup of regular coffee. That means that you can pour smaller portions and make the coffee last twice as long. But don’t just take it from us! Many offices have Commonwealth Joe on tap and their staff love it. Check out what they have to say about the program. Click the link below to learn more and even get a free tasting for your office today!

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