Why Good Healthcare Isn't Enough

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Benefits seemed to be the number one deciding factor for a lot of people applying for jobs. When searching for a job, people tended to look for great healthcare. The better the healthcare, the more appealing the company would be. But today benefits are not the only deciding factor.

Most established companies have already grasped that offering outstanding benefits, like health care, commuting stipends, and sick leave can help them obtain top talent. However, many modern companies offer perks on top of traditional benefits to help them stand out among other employers. These perks may seem like a vain attempt to secure better applicants, but on the contrary, perks are a meaningful value add to any employee’s day.


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More and more millennials are taking over the workforce. In fact, in 2017 over 56 million millennials were working or searching for work in the US. That means roughly 1 in every 3 workers are a millennial. With these growing numbers, companies need to look for other ways to capture top talent. Several companies have already figured this out and are offering things such as working from home, in-office gyms, catered meals, car washes, or even on-site daycares. By offering these perks the companies are retaining and attracting top talent.

Commonwealth Joe was curious how employees actually felt about and interacted with their perks. We sent out a survey to people in the workforce to find out and it turns out perks mean a lot to these employees! Fortunately, the top perk reported among this group of employees was the ability to work from home. That’s something that’s virtually no-cost to implement and will be appreciated by staff. Other insights we found through the survey were that coffee is consumed by over 90% of people daily. Offering coffee to your employees is definitely a perk not to overlook. Check out how you can get Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew on tap in your office. You can even get your office a free tasting today by clicking the link below!

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