What in the heck is a KVM?

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We know, we know… we’ve been throwing this acronym around a lot lately, but it’s only because we’re so excited to be talking about our new product!

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s a Kegerator Vending Machine, or KVM, for short. We have been hard at work rolling out this new product that will bring on-tap, craft beverages to a variety of spaces, meaning more easily accessible coffee and kombucha for you!

What is a Kegerator Vending Machine (KVM)?

A KVM is a self-serve, self-pay kiosk that dispenses craft beverages on-tap. Consumers simply swipe their credit card, select their preferred beverage, and pour as much or as little as they would like. The machine charges by the ounce Commonwealth Joe Kegerator Vending Machine(like a gas pump), giving users a delicious beverage at a below-retail price, all without having to stand in line at the coffee shop!

Invented by Smart Beverage Technologies of San Diego, the patent-pending KVM units come in two sizes, a smaller version, similar to the size of our standard kegerator, which holds three 5-gallon kegs, and a larger version, which holds four 5-gallon kegs. What makes this product even more exciting is that Commonwealth Joe is now the only on-tap, vending-enabled beverage provider on the east coast, empowering our customers to offer premium on-site Nitro Cold Brew and other craft beverages on tap.

Where can I find a KVM?

Our KVM’s work great for any facility looking to offer craft beverages on-tap as an amenity to those in their space, whether that be employees, tenants, or visitors. We find that  KVM’s work best in offices, luxury apartments, fitness centers, universities, convention centers, and stadiums. For these facilities, the KVMs’ self-pay, self-service feature allow facilities to offer an additional amenity at little or no cost to the them by transferring the cost of the liquid to the end user.

What about the tech? DSC_0479-3

Along with being a self-service vending machine, the KVM is considered a piece of smart dispensing technology. The unit offers a 10” touch screen and has wifi or 4G connectivity, making transactions quick and easy. Using the latest advancements in telemetry and workflow automation, the KVMs patent-pending technology also allows us to track and monitor the temperature, sales, and inventory of each KVM remotely, creating a seamless customer experience.

What is the difference between a KVM and a standard service kegerator?

With our standard service kegerators, facilities pay for the cost of the keg in full and a delivery schedule is suggested based on their previous consumption patterns. Whereas, with KVM’s, there is no upfront cost to the facility, as the end users pay for the beverages they pour. With KVM’s, we are also able to schedule automatic deliveries by monitoring the beverage levels of each keg, meaning less work for the facility. Both service options provide a dedicated customer experience representative and maintenance, equipment, and services are included in pricing.

What users are saying: 

Our customers can’t get enough of the ease-of-use and convenience of having a KVM in their space. Hear what Taylor from Washington Sports Club in Georgetown has to say about the facility’s experience.

“Our guests are thrilled to have Commonwealth Joe’s Nitro Cold Brew on tap. The vending machine makes it easier for our team to manage and maintain and our guests love being able to grab a coffee after their work out and skip the lines at the coffee shop. The Commonwealth Joe team has been very easy to work with and all delivery has been a breeze!”

Still interested? 

Great! Our KVMs are available for use across the Mid-Atlantic. For more information or to see if a KVM is a good fit for your space, reach out to us at kvm@commonwealthjoe.com or visit KegVending.com and submit an inquiry. Follow along on social to see more facilities that are improving their space by following @commonwealthjoe!


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