Top Office Perks, Ranked by Employees

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Office perks: do they actually add value? Just a few years ago, it seemed perks were just a bonus offered by innovative giants like Google and Facebook. Slowly, they started to catch on and become mainstream. Now, as the hiring market becomes more competitive and almost every company is offering unique and enticing perks, how do you create a perks portfolio that attracts top talent, and adds value to the organization and culture?

What are the top office perks that companies are bringing into their environment?

Companies are getting creative in what perks they offer employees. From standing desks, to game rooms, to beer on tap, the options are overwhelming when it comes to choosing what will keep employees happy and engaged in their work. In a survey conducted by Commonwealth Joe, we set out to determine what the most valued perks truly are. Here’s a sneak peak of the top five that you can read more about in our whitepaper:

 Ability to work from home

Who doesn’t love to avoid the commute and get a chance to work from home? Unsurprisingly, the top-rated office perk in our survey was the flexibility to work from home. Working from home was highly valued because it can help employees balance their work and life better, and give them flexibility to work and be productive in the way that best suits them. The best part about this news? It’s free for employers to implement!

 Work from home perk


Unlimited PTO or sabbatical

The second most popular perk from the survey was unlimited paid time off. Unlimited PTO, or flex time, is a win-win for employees and the company because it eliminates the need to stockpile days off for emergencies, giving employees more freedom and control over their schedule, while streamlining the need for HR to track days, keep track of roll-over, and pay out unused days.

 Tuition Reimbursement or professional development budget

Turns out, employees want companies to invest in their professional growth and development! The third most valued perk in our survey was the desire for a professional development budget or a tuition reimbursement program to help employees hone their skills and grow in their careers.

 Discounts on services

From gym memberships to dry cleaning, employees overwhelmingly valued perks that help streamline their lives outside of work, or save money. Subsidising purchases such as gym memberships allows employees to find services convenient for their lifestyle, without as much concern about the price tag.


It seems like a simple thought that companies would offer free coffee to their employees, but when the coffee comes from a packet, employees still take time to leave the office to find better quality coffee elsewhere. When companies are offering high quality coffee from a vendor focused on the sourcing, roasting, and brewing process, their employees will value that as a perk, instead of just a morning caffeine fix before their run out to the local coffee shop.


Millennial employees

Picking a Perks Portfolio

Providing a portfolio of top-of-the-line perks starts with a goal: what will make employees happy? From there, you can weigh the pros and cons, but our survey results suggest that perks can be the differentiator when employees are considering other offers. 60% of employees would consider leaving their jobs if the perks offered at a competitor are better! Don’t lose your top talent because your perks are subpar. Choosing the right perks can help you increase your employees productivity, keep them engaged in their jobs, help them grow in their careers, and make your office a warm and welcoming environment. Learn more about choosing the right perks in our whitepaper by clicking the link below.

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