Summer Recipe Series Recap

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Now that Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, we wanted to wrap up our Summer Recipe Series by showcasing a few of our favorites. Below are our favorite recipes and instructions for everything you need to make any of these refreshing cocktails. Give them a try to keep the summer spirit alive! 


Ginger Kombucha MargaritaGMIngredients-1

This easy recipe adds extra zing to the traditional margarita through the warmth of the ginger, the tartness of the lime juice and the heat from the chili lime salt! Simply combine all the ingredients in a glass and make any day feel like Cinco de Mayo 

What you’ll need:

  • 2 oz Tequila
  • 3 oz GT’s Gingerade Kombucha
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • Juice from ¼ Lime
  • Sprinkle of Chili Lime Salt for rim

How to Mix:

Add Chili Lime Salt to the rim of a glass. Fill glass with ice. Add Tequila, Kombucha, Triple Sec, and lime juice to the glass. Stir and enjoy! 


MLIngredients (1)Matcha Lemonade

Two ingredients are all you need to transform classic lemonade into a trendy and delicious drink. Not only will this Matcha Lemonade make you feel like the picture of health, it’s tasty to boot! Packed with antioxidants, matcha is known to boost metabolism and even enhance your mood. This feel-good beverage is sure to chase away any Sunday Scaries.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 shot Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • ¾ cup Lemonade of choice.

How To Mix:

Fill cup with ice, add one shot of Matcha, top with lemonade. Stir and enjoy


Cinnamon Orange Coffee CrushCOCCIngredients (2)

The medley of flavors in this Cinnamon Orange Coffee Crush is sure to make your taste buds tingle. These bright, exotic flavors paired with Nitro Cold Brew creates an exciting drink that is a far cry from a standard black coffee. So if you’re feeling restless and in the need for something new and bold, this is the drink for you!

What  You’ll Need:

  • Cup of Ice
  • 6 oz Nitro Cold Brew (we highly recommend Commonwealth Joe) 
  • ½ an Orange, juiced
  • 1 generous pinch Powdered Cinnamon 
  • 1 pinch Coconut Sugar

How to Mix:

To an ice filled glass, add Nitro Cold Brew, orange juice, a generous pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of coconut sugar. Stir and enjoy


Vanilla Almond SwirlVASIngredients (1)

For the ultimate comfort drink, look no further than the Vanilla Almond Swirl. The subtle creaminess of the almond milk mixed with our Nitro Cold Brew is enhanced with a hint of vanilla and finished with cinnamon leaving you with the perfect beverage to sip on a crisp fall day. 

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 oz Nitro Cold Brew
  • 2 oz Almond Milk
  • 2-3 drops Vanilla Extract
  • 1 pinch Cinnamon
  • Ice

How to Mix:

Fill a glass with ice. Add Nitro Cold Brew, almond milk, and vanilla extract. Sprinkle in a pinch of cinnamon. Stir and enjoy.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Summer Recipe Series. You can find step-by-step videos of all of these recipes, plus a few extras, in our Instagram highlights. Visit us at @CommonwealthJoe


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