Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes, With A Coffee Twist

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, can you believe it?! Even though the holidays can be stressful and busy, it’s always worth it for some family time and of course, delicious food. To spread the holiday cheer, I have compiled some of my family’s beloved Thanksgiving feast recipes. To no surprise, they all include coffee.  

Smoked Turkey With Sweet Coffee Glaze
Recipe sourced from Food.com.

My family first made this Sweet Coffee Glazed turkey a few years back and the glaze and cooking processes used in this recipe have quickly become a staple in our Thanksgiving dinner spread. The iconic coffee flavor mixed with the sweetness from the brown sugar, tartness from the Apple Cider Vinegar, and smoky-ness of the hickory chips makes this smoked turkey extremely unique and sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

The recipe starts by brining the turkey with apple cider vinegar, coffee, onion, herbs, spices, and brown sugar, to soak the flavors into the meat before smoking. About 90 minutes later, the turkey is coated in a mixture of sugar and bringing juice and is set on a well-heated grill over hickory chips to be covered and smoked with intermittent basting until the turkey reaches 165 F, about an hour. 

Cook Time: 3 Hours. Serves 12 (11 lbs. turkey).
Check out the full recipe here.

Coffee-Chocolate CakeCoffee-Chocolate-Cake_EXPS_GHTJS17_21347_B09_20_6b-1-696x696
Recipe sourced from Taste Of Home.

My favorite holiday family recipe is my grandmother’s very highly praised Coffee-Chocolate Bundt Cake, and while I can’t share that exact recipe (family secrets, you get it), I did find this recipe which is similar, sure to be a crowd-pleaser and different from the traditional Thanksgiving desserts. 

Just like my grandmothers, this recipe finds the perfect balance in mixing brewed coffee (I recommend our Shenandoah Springs roast), whole milk, eggs, vanilla, and flour leaving you with a perfectly moist chocolate cake with a subtle coffee flavor. This recipe includes a buttercream frosting, but if you choose to skip the buttercream frosting, I recommend my Grandmother’s go-to of dusting the cake with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Prep Time: 25 minutes. Cook Time: 25 minutes. Serves: 12. 
Check out the full recipe here.


Creamy Boozy Coffeescreen-shot-2017-11-09-at-3-31-42-pm-1510259522
Recipe courtesy of Town & Country.

Of course, we always have a few holiday-themed drinks on hand when entertaining. My favorite being this Creamy Boozy Coffee that accompanies my dessert. 


  • ½ shot Brandy
  • ½ shot Grand Marnier
  • ½ shot Kahula
  • 5 oz hot coffee
  • ½ cup whipping cream
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • Orange peel 


  1. Place whipping cream and sugar in a bowl and which on high with an electric blender until soft peaks form.
  2. Pour the Brandy, Grand Marnier, Kaluha, and freshly brewed coffee into a mug. 
  3. Spoon some whipped cream on top, garnish with an orange peel, and enjoy! 

Give one (or all) of these recipes a try with your friends and family this holiday season and let us know what you think! Have another coffee-inspired recipe? Share it with us! We always love to try a new dish, especially if coffee is involved! 


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