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Over the past quarter, we’ve made some notable improvements to our Customer Portal that make your experience with Commonwealth Joe even more seamless! Within the Customer Portal, you are now able to submit maintenance tickets, create order requests, sign up for autopay, and access our Help Center

The Basics

After logging into the portal, you will be directed to a screen very similar to the one pictured below. This section of the portal holds key details that will help you easily move about the portal, access answers to common questions, and contact our dedicated customer teams.


The left set navigation (1) allows you to move from one area of the portal to the next with the click of a button. The navigation bar will remain on the left side as you move through the portal and you can easily select any of the sections to jump to that specific area of the portal.

Within the Customer Support section, you can easily view answers to key information related to your account (2), such as how to switch out kegs and change nitrogen. Need some additional details? Check out our help center articles for more information (3), but more on that in the next section. 

Key resources for your account are found in the Resources area (4). You can access the Help Center from here too, as well as contact our team for maintenance emergencies, and billing support.

Submitting a Support Ticket (5) is the best way to contact our team or report an issue with the kegerator or beverages. We’ve included more details on our ticketing system in the sections below. 

Lastly, you can find details on how to contact your Customer Success Manager in section 6.


Let’s break some of these key sections down a bit further...

Delivery Tracker

Curious about the status of your next order? You can now track the status of your order in real-time and view when your next delivery is being processed, has left our warehouse, and is en-route to your facility. This will be located at the top of your customer portal each time you have an active delivery for your location.


Help Center

We’ve collected our most frequently asked questions and answered them in our Help Center! 

Here, you can find the answers to all of your most common kegerator related questions. Easily access the Help Center through our Customer Portal. To find it, simply log on to the Customer Portal and navigate to the ‘Customer Support’ section and select “Check out our help center articles” or the “Customer Help Center” section located within the Resources area.


We will continue to add information to the knowledge base in order to best serve YOU, so be sure to keep checking the Help Center for assistance and let us know if there’s any information you’d like to see!


Our new Ticketing feature allows you to easily submit a ticket to report various types of issues, from flow issues to billing issues. This is the quickest and easiest way to report any issues to our team. 

From this area, you can provide all the important details of the issue within a Support Ticket. This will be delivered directly to our Customer Experience team for resolution. After submitting a ticket, our team will reach out to you with next steps and/or updates.

The ticket module will also share notifications with you to keep you up-to-date on the status of your ticket. This way you’ll know when your ticket is being worked on and when your issue has been resolved. 


Order Processing

You can now easily place both one-time and recurring orders within the customer portal. 

To do this, navigate to the Upcoming Deliveries section of the customer portal. Within this section, you will see the option to schedule a one-time order or schedule a recurring order.

You can also view upcoming deliveries that are scheduled for your location and select for different equipment to be dropped off.

After selecting your order type, provide your order details in the associated fields.


Stop History

The Stop History section of the Customer Portal displays all of the details for past stops, delivery volume, and the average consumption for your space for the last 4, 8, and 16 weeks.



Within the Payment section, you can easily view invoice details and history and sign up for Auto-Pay. 

To sign up for Auto-Pay, navigate to the Payment section within the customer portal. There you will be given the option to enter your credit card information or ACH banking information through our secure system. We are actively working on the ability to add more auto-pay features for those that use different payment methods, so more to come on that.


Smart Kegerator Details 

Have a Commonwealth Joe Smart Kegerator? You can now view a summary of your location’s Smart Kegerator consumption to track various metrics such as the number of pours, ounces poured since your last delivery, and your location’s lifetime average pour count by day of the week and hour of the day. 


Our telemetry capabilities come standard in our Kegerator Vending Machines. If you are interested in a Kegerator Vending Machine or would like to add a telemetry device to your free flow kegerator, reach out to your Customer Experience Representative

Additionally, the Smart Kegerator Details section hosts data on the inventory and temperature status of your machine and machine usage metrics.


That’s the lowdown on our Customer Portal! We’re consistently making improvements to the Customer Portal to be sure it is providing an easy, seamless experience for you!

Stay tuned for more updates and as always, reach out to your Customer Experience Representative if you have any questions. 


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