Introducing Seasonal Drinks for Fall at Commonwealth Joe!

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To any Commonwealth Joe employee, the best part about a shift in the seasons is our new seasonal drink menu. These rotating drinks become available every few months and feature new flavors and combinations our cafes haven’t yet seen. But how do we come up with these new drinks?

Taking inspiration from Iron Chef on Food Network, we host our own in house event where the focus ingredient is -- you guessed it, coffee. Everyone within the company is welcomed to participate and create a new seasonal beverage . The drinks are judged by a crew of CWJ employees and staff votes are entered in after each round of drinks. Once the winners are announced, our team of baristas gets to work perfecting the recipes for each drink so we can consistently offer them to our customers. And voila!

This season, fall drinks featuring warm and cozy ingredients were concocted by our creative team. There were several entries but only four rose to the top.

 Caramel Corn Latte

A sinfully delicious combo of salty and sweet. This latte is swirled with butterscotch syrup and topped with caramel drizzle and sea salt. You can order your Caramel Corn iced or hot.

Barista Specialty Drinks


Espresso Tonic

A cold drink that will quench your thirst. This 16oz drink combines tonic water, espresso, and a fresh orange peel into the perfect concoction. The Espresso Tonic is served over ice.

Barista Specialty Drinks



This drink is bound to delight your taste buds. This latte is made with our unique light roast Monticello Sunrise espresso shots. As if that wasn't enough we added white chocolate shavings. The Featherweight is available iced or hot.

Barista Specialty Drinks


True Grit

Find your true grit with this cold drink. This 12 oz iced latte combines horchata mix, vanilla, and cinnamon to create a smooth and sweet beverage. This recipe does contain nuts!

Barista Specialty Drinks


Stop into our Pentagon City Cafe to try one of these drinks today!



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