Everything You need To Know About Commonwealth Joes Kegerator Vending Machine Service

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We receive a lot of inquiries for our Kegerator Vending Machines (KVM) and with those inquiries come standard questions regarding the machine -how it works, what our technology is able to provide, and more. We answered many of these questions in our first blog about our KVM, but wanted to dive deeper into a few of our most frequently asked questions,  so you can be well informed when deciding whether a KVM is a good fit for your space.

What is a KVM, and how does it work?CWJ Photoshoot 1 Edits (48 of 176)-2

In short, a Kegerator Vending Machine (KVM) is a self-serve, self-pay kiosk that dispenses craft beverages on-tap. Consumers simply swipe their credit card, select their preferred beverage, and pour as much or as little as they would like. The machine charges by the ounce (like a gas pump), giving users a delicious beverage at a below-retail price, all without having to stand in line at the coffee shop! To learn more about what a KVM is, check out our previous blog.

What does a KVM need to function properly in a commercial space? 

Power Source and Water Lines:

Our KVMs require only a standard electrical outlet to power the refrigeration system and the machines touch screen display. The KVMs do not require a connection to a water line to function and can be easily moved from one location to another, so long as they can be plugged into a standard outlet at each location. 

Maintenance from your team:

Very little maintenance and hands-on effort is required from our KVM clients. We have a dedicated Customer Experience (CX) team that monitors all of our KVMs, including the keg levels, the temperature of the refrigeration unit, and every credit card swipe. When a keg has 20% inventory remaining, our CX team is notified and a new order is automatically scheduled. During each delivery, our technicians will remove the empty keg and replace it with a fresh and full keg. Our CX team pays close attention to the health of your KVM, and if something looks out of the ordinary, we work quickly to schedule a service visit to ensure everything is in working order.

Are Cups and Lids Included?

Commonwealth Joe does provide cups and straw-less lids free of charge for our KVM clients.  Many of our clients prefer to use their own reusable cups. However, we know this isn’t the most feasible option for many spaces. Your CX representative will ensure your facility is stocked with enough cups and lids to move through the beverages you have on tap in your space.

Built-In Installation: 

If your team would like to do an in-counter install, we are happy to help!  We can provide specifications for your general contractor. Once the countertop is ready to go, we will schedule a time to install the KVM.

Offering Sponsored Events

Commonwealth Joe works with many clients to offer sponsored events with their KVM. From the units telemetry capabilities (more on that below) we are able to remotely schedule a KVM to switch to free vending for a limited time, allowing you to provide free on-tap craft beverages to users in their space. Once the event is over, the unit will switch back to paid vending. Additionally, your CX representative can provide you with an access card that will enable you to pour for free. These cards come in handy for our Luxury Apartment clients and Fitness Center clients who are now able to offer a fresh cup of on-tap nitro cold brew or kombucha during facility tours. 

How does pricing work?

In most instances, consumers in your space are charged $0.35 per ounce for what they pour, coming at no cost to the space. In some cases, our clients prefer to fully cover or subsidize a portion of the cost per ounce as an added perk for their residents or employees. In these cases, Commonwealth Joe can set the price per ounce on the machine to reflect what the end consumer will pay, charging the facility for the rest. 

KVM Technology 

The KVM’s telemetry technology allows our team to remotely monitor and proactively service our machines in the field, ensuring that each KVM is full of craft beverages and is in working order at all times. With this technology, our team is able to: 

  • Know when another keg delivery is needed
  • Turn free vend on and off for events (as mentioned above) 
  • Monitor and control the temperature of the refrigeration system
  • Access valuable data on consumption patterns by beverage type
  • Issue refunds if needed

These technological benefits allow us to improve our customer experience, ensuring our clients have a mostly hands-off experience with our KVMs (other than pouring themselves a cup of Nitro Cold Brew, of course).

If you think a Kegerator Vending Machine is the perfect fit for your facility, visit KegVending.com to learn more.


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