Commonwealth Joe & South Block - A Perfect Fit

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At Commonwealth Joe (CWJ), we believe in making amazing coffee approachable and accessible to all. We are committed to providing amazing beverage experiences within our local communities and emphasize the importance of healthier drink options. When we saw similar values within South Block, another local business in the DMV area specializing in delicious smoothie bowls and avocado toast, we knew there was a great opportunity to develop a long-standing partnership.

IMG_0772 (1)Our partnership with South Block formed a few years back, when they were looking for a reliable and consistent coffee company that they could scale with. Commonwealth Joe started providing South Block with whole beans for drip coffee and espresso, as well as Nitro Cold Brew (NCB) on tap. As the partnership developed and both companies continued to grow in their respective ways, we suggested adding a Kegerator Vending Machine (KVM) to a few of the South Block locations. South Block and CWJ found that the KVM was a great fit for South Blocks retail locations. The KVM eliminated the space that cold brew was originally taking up behind the counter, and moved it to the retail floor where customers can easily use the machine at their leisure and pour a refreshing drink while they were at South Block.

Moving the KVMs into the forefront of the shops has allowed us to branch into a new retail vertical. We are finding that KVMs are a great fit for retail shops similar to South Block which has led us to consider expanding into more luncheonettes, retail shops, and fitness studio spaces. The pay-by-the-ounce, self-serve kiosk provides on-tap craft beverages in a convenient way that allows customers to walk up to the machine, select their beverage of choice, and pour the exact amount they desire.

South Block represents the idea that small things can have big impacts and their focus on community and dedication to nutritious food and drinks is what makes the company such an outstanding partner. Local brands coming together and helping each other to focus on what they are best at advances the missions of both companies and enhances both their cumulative and individual success. 

Our partnership with South Block serves as a great opportunity to spread brand awareness and enables Commonwealth Joe to provide great coffee and on-tap craft beverages in a new type of space. For South Block, our partnership provides them with the ability to offer more variety and options to their customers. Additionally, the partnership gives customers the ability to grab a hot coffee, Nitro Cold Brew or kombucha while they pick up their smoothie bowl or avocado toast without having to make an additional stop at the coffee shop. With this acting as the first retail locations for Commonwealth Joe’s KVM’s, we’ve found that the KVM serves as a cool perk for customers in this space. 

Find Commonwealth Joe KVMs or CWJ products sold at any of the following South Block locations:




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