Client Spotlight: Social Tables

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Client: Social Tables

Main Point of Contact: Anya Lilaoonwala, Associate, Business Operations

Commonwealth Joe Introduction: 

CWJ Photoshoot 1 Edits (53 of 176) (2)Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters (CWJ) is the East Coast’s leading tech-enabled specialty coffee company offering full-service, kegged beverage solutions with Nitro Cold Brew and other craft beverages on tap. CWJ’s Kegerator Vending Machines (KVM) enable offices and other commercial and residential spaces to offer premium beverages on-tap at no cost to the space by transferring the cost of the beverage to the end consumer. To paint a better picture of our KVM service, we are launching a blog series that will highlight specific customers in the verticals we service and how a KVM from CWJ met their craft beverage needs, starting with a traditional office space.

Client Overview & Challenges:

In May 2018, CWJ began working with Social Tables, a leading event management solution with an office of 100 employees in downtown Washington, D.C.. Social Tables offers its employees a stocked kitchen with plenty of snacks on hand, a drip coffee machine, and occasionally, whole bean coffee for employees to make hot pour-over coffee. The drip coffee machine was far from an employee favorite and left employees craving cold brew and a variety of other beverages, especially in the warmer months. The barrier for the office management team was the high overhead costs that would come with introducing additional beverage offerings, particularly around craft beverages.


After speaking Illana and Anya on the business operations team at Social Tables, CWJ discovered that Social Tables had the following needs when selecting an alternative beverage provider for their office: 

  • The ability to offer a variety of premium beverages on-tap as an additional perk for the employees.
  • Responsive customer experience and delivery team to ensure beverages are consistently stocked and flowing smoothly.
  • An easy-to-use machine that requires little additional maintenance and no additional fees.
  • A service that costs little to nothing for Social Tables. 


After first speaking with Social Tables in May 2018 to understand their goals, CWJ suggested we set up a trial of our Nitro Cold Brew Free Flow service. This trial would give Illana and Anya a more thorough understanding of our service standards, as well as provide the employees with the chance to try our Nitro Cold Brew coffee on tap. Although the coffee was a massive hit at the office, CWJ wasn’t able to meet Social Tables’ budgetary requirements with our free-flow service model. Fast forward to early 2019 when CWJ 

launched the KM. We immediately thought to reach back out to Social Tables. Illana and Anya were instantly interested in introducing the KVM to their common area. Having a KVM in their office common space would provide Social Tables with: 

  • The ability to offer a variety of premium craft beverages, like Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha, on tap to their employees.
  • No overhead cost or additional fees to Social Tables. 
    • The KVM allows users to pay by the ounce for only the amount of beverage they choose to pour, giving employees delicious craft beverages at a below-retail cost without having to leave the comfort of their building. 
  • A responsive Customer Experience Representative and an educated team of delivery technicians aimed at ensuring the KVM is well stocked and maintained for regular use.

Image from iOS (49)To confirm the KVM would be a good match, CWJ scheduled another trial at the Social Tables office, so that they could learn how to use the machine, as well as try the Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha on tap. The trial was very well received by everyone -  the employees at Social Tables loved the Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha and were quick to let Anya know that they would use this perk on a daily (and sometimes twice-daily) basis. The KVM’s easy-access within the office and the savings compared to purchasing a cup of Nitro Cold Brew or Kombucha at a nearby coffee shop is a huge additional perk for the busy team at Social Tables. Hearing the great feedback from the employees was exactly what Illana and Anya needed to make their decision. Shortly after the trial, Social Tables became a KVM customer with CWJ. 

Here’s what they have to say: 

Anya, Associate, Business Operations, Social Tables

“Our experience with Commonwealth Joe has been extremely positive. Our colleagues at CWJ are very receptive--whenever Social Tables needs a new keg of Nitro Cold Brew or Kombucha, I contact the CWJ team and they have a new keg delivered to our office within the next day. Social Tables loves the cold brew and our office consumption rate exceeds that of companies double and triple our size. The vending machine technology allows our team to conveniently use either their credit card or apple pay to buy their beverage. The CWJ Kegerator is a fantastic addition to our space."

Maggie, Social Tables

“Having Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha on tap in our kitchen is a huge game-changer because I'm saving money and I don't have to make an extra stop on my walk to work. Everything is right there in the kitchen ready for us to drink.”


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